New Ridge 1.0 and Edelweiss 1.0 models are equipped with 100mm travel suspension forks featuring preaload adjustmentand mechanical lockout. These seemingly entry level bikes boast forks with solid crown aluminium lower legs assembly. Not all such pricepoint and even more expensive bikes feature these technologies. Increased 100mm suspension travel absorbs rough bumps providing confidence when on challenging trails. Preaload adjustment comes handy when fitting a bike for your riding style while lockout eliminates bobbing when riding hard surfaces and tarmac.

One of the most important components you have got on your bike is brakes. All 2016 WELT bikes featuring hydraulic disc are equipped with classic 160/160mm rotors Shimano Acera M-396 brakes. It is worth noting that owerwhleming majority of bike manufacturers use this model for much more expensive bikes, often targeted as performance sport bikes where top performance is a key and all the components should stand to high stress racing. WELT bikes provide you with the same performance at much lower price.

New WELT fixie bike features flip-flop rear hub. This hub is equipped with both fixed cogs as well as a freewheel on the opposite side. So, you can flip the wheel depending on your preferred braking style (U-brakes or fixed gear). By the way, new frame features brake cable routing missing on the last years model.


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